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Option Calculator Instructions

The Option Calculator is an application that allows you to see the effects of price, time, and volatility on the price of an option.

The upper set of controls allow you to specify the option type (Call or Put), option Strike price, and annualized Volatility:

The lower set of controls has two sections.

The first section allows you to set the range for the Spot Price displayed on the graph. Low specifies the left-most value and High specifies the right-most value for x-axis:

The second section allows you to set and choose the time horizons that are to be calculated and shown on the graph.

Up to 5 different times (including expiration day at 0 Days) can be shown. Select (or un-select) a specific day by clicking the checkbox next to various values:

The graph will automatically recalculate changes you make in any control and display the new results.


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