Trading Conditions

Required margin is calculated for each instrument (e.g. currency pair) using efficient scenario-based SPAN calculations, as described on the Margin Calculation page.

*If an account has open positions in both the underlying instrument (e.g. Spot EUR/USD) and Options on the instrument (e.g. Short Call on EUR/USD), the lower leverage (higher margin rate) will apply to all spot and option positions in that instrument.

*EU Professional clients enjoy the higher Options Trading leverage for all trades, including spot and options trading.


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Instrument Live Spread (pips) Leverage Margin % Lot Size Pip Value Interest (annualized) Sampled
Spot Option 1mo Spot Option Spot Option Sell Buy
Leverage Spot

Leverage Option

Margin % Spot

Margin % Option

Lot Size

Pip Value


Trading hours for all products are from 17:03 New York time on Sunday through 16:59 New York time on Friday every week, excluding New Years Day as posted and updated from time to time on this website. Trading is also not available on precious metals XAU/USD and XAG/USD from 16:59 to 18:03 New York time each day. Trading in USD/ILS is from 06:30-15:59 GMT weekdays (Fri til 11:29).

If executing an option on a minimum of 10 lots (e.g a Call option on EUR/USD 100,000) the trader can specify any expiration date. Expiration dates can be chosen from 1 day to 1 year in all products except USD/TRY and USD/CNH which trade from 1 day to 6 months. If executing an option on less than 10 lots, 25 standardized expiration dates are available (20 for USD/TRY and USD/CNH).

All options are European style exercise and cash settled. Position settlement is available for a trading account upon request, as is automatic netting of offsetting positions on a LIFO basis.

There are no overnight interest charges on Options positions.