About Us

Sentry Derivatives was formed with one goal in mind:
To open up the largest options market in the world to any trader.

The FX Options market trades over $300 Billion every business day, yet all but the largest institutions lack direct access to the global market-making banks. Few individual traders are able to get a decent price for an option, let alone transparency or two-way liquidity. Even mid-size corporations with hedging needs struggle with service from regional banks.

While spot FX trading can be found in every corner of the online world, options have been left behind, as brokers offering excellent spot FX liquidity have lacked the technology, risk management, and product expertise to offer options trading.

Sentry Derivatives is a game changer. We bring the spot and options liquidity of the major banks to our customers electronically, with click-and-deal trading, 24/5 liquidity, risk management tools, efficient SPAN margining, and an intuitive trading platform, all backed by the regulatedenvironment and longstanding reputation of our partners, Ava Trade Limited.

We offer institutional and corporate customers direct market access, where trades are passed through to our bank liquidity providers. We supplement this service with price and liquidity aggregation so that we can
accommodate retail traders as well, with spot and options liquidity in more than 40 currency pairs, Gold, and Silver. We are as comfortable with small trades, options on 10,000 of a currency pair, as we are with institutional trades of $50 million or more.

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FX Options comprise the largest, most liquid options market in the world, yet very few investors and corporations actually have access to liquidity, transparency, and risk management tools. Sentry Derivatives combines technology with its experience and market access to bring the power of options trading to any trader, large or small.


Steven Reiter has over twenty years experience in options trading gained from his career at Salomon Brothers and Citibank.

After Mr Reiter graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1986, he joined Salomon Brothers in derivatives research and began a global career. He excelled in derivatives roles in Tokyo, London, and New York in research, sales, and trading. In 1995 he was appointed global head of options trading on US Treasuries, Mortgages, Agencies, and was soon named a Managing Director.

In 2002, he returned to London as Global Head of Options on Foreign Exchange for Citibank, responsible for the the options product and teams of traders around the world.

He left after 20 years to pursue his new dream of giving any trader access to the FX Optionsmarket.